Women’s rights – Update

Last week I created an action plan for myself to get more involved in women’s rights.

First step:

Review the strategic objectives of the Beijing convention. They can all be found here. Just click the topics one by one, for example Women and Health.

This step was the easiest. I just reviewed my notes from last week.

Second step:

Educate myself about organizations that focus on equal rights or the rights of women. I will work through this list and become aware and educate myself of the work that is made in this area. I will also look if there are any organizations in my community.

I worked through the list and read about their objectives and activities, with the exception of the organizations that was connected to a political party. A lot of the organizations only accepted women (or men in one case), so I couln’t join them. That’s fine with me bacause personally I have mixed feelings about organizations that exclude groups of people. From that list I will name a few of them that caught my interest.

A mailing list from Amnesty concerning women’s rights. Can be recieved in english or swedish, free of charge.

BANG a swedish paper magazine about equality. There are a couple of articles from the latest issue free on the web. Possibilities for prenumeration, in swedish.

Fredrika-Brehmer, an organization that have 2 main objectives; more women in higher positions and strengthen the father-child relation. Felt like a very serious organization, with roots in 1884.

Unifem, an international and national organization with 4 main objectives; Reducing women’s poverty and exclusion, ending violence against women, reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS among women and girls and finally supporting women’s leadership in governance and post-conflict reconstruction. Since it’s a very big organization it is a very huge source for information.

Kvinnokonventionen.se is an organization that are monitoring the UN women convesions. The website has a lot of information and reports.

Step three:
Join at least one organization.
I decided to join Fredrika-Brehmer, because it feels like the closest to me, I think I can do more at this point in time in an organization like this. At the beginning I think the membership will be mostly educational for me but I assume my money will be used wisely in the meantime.

That’s it for this week! Now I just have to finish step 4!

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