The Rights of Women – a 4 step action plan

This week on the ChangeMaker course we have focused on the rights of women, mainly on the fourth international conference on women that was held in Beijing in 1995. This material combined with the assignment inspired me to come up with my own action plan. This action plan is focused on me making an impact in Sweden now, but it can easily be applied to any country.

  1. Review the strategic objectives of the Beijing convention. They can all be found here. Just click the topics one by one, for example Women and Health.
  2. Educate myself about organizations that focus on equal rights or the rights of women. I will work through this list and become aware and educate myself of the work that is made in this area. I will also look if there are any organizations in my community.
  3. Join at least one organization.
  4. Educate at least 5 people about what I have learned.

These are 4 easy and measurable steps that I will take. My target is to complete 1-3 during next week and 4 in 2 weeks, I will hold myself accountable in this blog.

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